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Pleats and Pintucks

Hi Everyone!

Pleats and pintucks not only look clean but also make the fabric or product look sophisticated and formal. They add glamour and style to everything plain and bare. As a designer, I think both pleats and pintucks can be used in various ways to create ornamentation on the fabric surface and also to add some bulk.

Pleats are folds formed by doubling fabric at certain places and securing their position with a stitch or tuck. Pintucks are very tiny folds tightly sewn on any surface either by machine or hand. Pleats differ from pintucks as they are wider than pintucks and are partially sewn or left to fall open or loose sometimes.

There are various kinds of pleats with which a fabric can be decorated. From, Plain to Box, French to Knife, Accordion to Cartridge, Honey Comb to Plisse, so on and so forth. In the same way even Pintucks have many variations, from Straight to Wavy, Diagonal to Zigzag, etc.

The pictures below show some good uses of how to employ pleats and pintucks in home furnishing products.

By- Wallace Sacks

By- Linens Limited

By- I Heart Luxe

By- Slice of Style

By- The Divine Home

By- Country Living

By- Apartment Therapy


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