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10 Terrific Ways to Refresh with Colors

Greetings to all!

Everyone aspires for a colorful lifestyle. People often have certain reservations on the use of colors at home. Colors carry the capacity of styling and glamorizing our homes just as perfectly as they have the power to depict our personality. Here are 10 Terrific Ways to Refresh with Colors.

1. Perfect Blends: Use colors with strong union and varying characters. For instance, combine bright colors with sophisticated colors. The picture below is a perfect example of such a perfect blend.

By- Ideal Home Magazine

2. Spotlight: Use colored furniture as the main focus of the room, like in this picture below.

By- Roche Bobois via DigsDigs

3. Spice It Up: The vigor of depth and the power of contrast can distinctively punctuate the space in a very unusual way. Check out an illustrative picture below.

By-Your Color Coach

4. Elevated Contrast: Create a chic space by making a bold statement by using colors with a strong contrast. For instance, the picture below shows a very classy chic set up.

By- House Beautiful

5. Colors of Nature: Using nature’s palette in a neutral setup makes up for a smart and long term choice of colors. They never get outdated and always carry a unique sense of vigor.

By- Heart Fire At Home

6. Fresh and Gentle: Create a warm and inviting space with muted, soft, subtle and sophisticated colors, like in this picture below.


7. Synchronize with Color: Harmonious colors or colors with similar tones and shades are easy to work with. However a subtle contrast does magic in such a color scheme.

By- Ehomee

8. Classic and Crisp: Using timeless classic color combinations that could please everyone’s eyes, alongside some crispy colored focus, does wonders.

By- The Lennoxx

9. Assorted Colors: Try your hand on a very colorful scheme. I know it is never easy, but you can make a personal style statement with this color assortment.

By- House Beautiful

10. Happy Go Lucky: Create a casual but focal happy-go-lucky spot in some corner of the room as your personal colorful space. Use colors that soothe your eyes.

By- House To Home

Hope this blog spot gives you all some inspiring ideas to create magic with refreshing colors at home.


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