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10 Interesting Ideas to Decorate Your Personal Space- Bedroom

Hey Friends!

We all love to own our personal space. It is the space where we spend time the way we desire to. It is the bedrooms that make for our personal space at home. Hence the desire for making it both inviting and desirable exists in everyone.

Today’s blog post is about 10 Interesting Ideas to Decorate Your Personal Space- Bedroom.

1.       The first most important thing is to plan the theme and decorate the entire space around it. For instance, traditional, modern, contemporary, vintage, country side, cottage style, baroque, retro, etc.

2.      For your space to look larger, use light to very light hues on the walls and almost white powdery hues on the ceiling.

3.      The more permanent objects in the room like furniture should be in neutral colors as it makes it simpler for us to alter the temporary décor with seasonal color trends in vogue.

4.      Use special lighting effects in your space. A small chandelier would do all the magic.

5.      Accentuate with a lot of decorative pillows which can be changed every week for a fresh look in the room.

6.      Plan the bed linen in various color schemes. Especially in accordance to seasonal fabrics and colors. Keep some light yet bright refreshing colors of blue and greens for summers. Plan some deep hues like burgundy and chocolate for winters.

7.      Mix and match with comforters and duvets. They play an important role in room décor.

8.      Designs of the bed linen should go well with the theme. If your theme is modern or contemporary, go in for plain, bold designs which are clutter free. If your theme is vintage or traditional, use some retro or damask kind of ornate designs. For country side and cottage style themes, you may plan a mix and match of various textures.

9.      Rugs add a special touch to the floors. Use them to divide areas and make sections in your space.

10.   Dress your windows and doors with dual curtains. Light or sheer ones for sunlight to enter during the day, dark and opaque ones for privacy and relaxing time.

Here are some pictures to give you ideas on decorating your bedroom with a personal flair.

By- Roomu


By- Flammanstugan

By- Wunderweib

By- Christy


By-Apartment Therapy



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