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10 Beautiful Damask Patterned Bed Sets

Hey Everyone!

People often ask me for tips on buying bed sets that would fit well in their traditional/cottage/country side/vintage décor. Although they could have a lot of options but I think the idea of placing Damask bed sets in their bedrooms would fulfill their idea and requirement for sure.

Personally, having worked in a Jacquard manufacturing set up, I developed a liking for these ornate and decorative fabrics. Damask is a weaving technique that originated in the early middle Ages near Damascus, Syria. That time they were just made in silk but nowadays, they are even made using linen, cotton, wool and synthetic. These fabrics are woven on special jacquard looms which give shape to a sturdy and reversible pattern.

There are some unique styles of design made on these Damask fabrics which are now known as Damask patterns. Below are some pictures of 10 Beautiful Damask Patterned Bed Sets.


By- Decorative Bed Pillows
By- Trendir
By- Home Decorating Co.
By- Elegant Linensps
By- Bedroom Furniture
By- Bizrate
By- Home Decorating Co.
By- Bizrate


By- E Linens

By- Ostkcdn

Damask patterns are even considered a good option for Holiday Season. They are classic and timeless and can be put to use in all seasons.


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  1. Aim Assegaf #

    A very intresting idea in selecting appropiate bedding set. The color choices and the designs are absolutely amazing

    January 12, 2011
  2. heather #

    where would i go to actually purchase one of these sets i am in love with the black and white one!

    January 12, 2012
    • Diana #

      Love it! me too. and the company will not deliver to my country (Spain)! who else is making these lovely mono schemed bed linens please????

      July 30, 2012

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