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Blue – A happening color for your space

Hey Everyone!

Long ago someone discovered that colors speak volumes about our personality and taste. I second this notion. Most designers and stylists are good at learning about a person’s personality only by checking how they carry themselves and also by finding out about their lifestyle. It is then that colors help them discover the hidden traits and taste because they are deeply connected with one’s emotions.

Blue is a happening color and is a hot favorite of both men and women. Seasons come and go, blue never fails to comfort our eyes. It is relaxing, serene and enhances tranquility. Even a splash of blue can create an area of interest in your space. It is a cool color which combines well with a lot of warm and cool colors as well.

From powder blue to cobalt blue, from midnight blue to deep sea blue, all hues are extensively used in designing spaces that generate calmness and peace. It is one hue which looks spectacular in both saturated and desaturated versions. Bold blue is a strong hue while pastel blue is quite delicate.

Check out these pictures below to find out which can be your perfect blue this season.

1. By- Coastal Style Living

This picture depicts a good amalgamation of cobalt and deep blue, as calming as the oceanic view outside the room.


2. By- My Home Ideas

The best thing about this picture is the wooden centre table painted in blue. It carries the look of a period property and I think it looks unique. Of course the rest of the furniture fabrics are mixed very well in the patterns made in blue along with a bold touch of blue.


3. By- Ignorant Design

The splash of blue on the wall paper is quite inspiring for the rest of the décor. The blue sofa certainly complements it.


4. By- House To Home

Here Soft blue is well combined with white and deep blue. The setting looks pure and balanced.


5. By- Apartment Therapy

I simply love this cottage style décor with wooden walls and crocheted rug in neutrals, well complemented with a lot of hue variations in blue. The sitting area certainly is the focal point of the room.


6. By- House Beautiful

The sofa in powder blue welcomes a lot of other pastels in the room. It indeed is a nice way to open doors to other areas of focus without being loud.


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