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4 Trendy Concepts in Bed Linen from Bombay Dyeing

Hey Everyone!

A few years back I started my career at Bombay Dyeing in Mumbai. The company has undergone a lot of advancement in its process technology over the years and has been successful in moving ahead of making conventional bed sheets that are manufactured mostly to beautify the bedroom. Today they are known to have introduced some innovative concepts of finishing in bed sets with a creative and modern approach.

The 4 very famous concepts in bed linen by BDMC are E Magic, Aroma Rich, Special Moments and Urban Living. Here are a few pictures.

E Magic by Bombay Dyeing

E Magic is the most innovative concept in bed linen in India. This high thread count, super soft and splendid cotton satin sheets have Vitamin E stored as microcapsules. When rubbed against the skin, these microcapsules release vitamin E that is directly absorbed by the skin. The Vitamin E is an essential component for our body. It is known to give the skin a youthful look by reducing the emergence of fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin E also helps in avoiding premature aging and deficiency diseases. The unique E Magic collection mingles good sleep and glowing skin.

Aroma Rich by Bombay Dyeing

Bombay Dyeing’s Aroma Rich concept in bed linen is a fragrant collection that augments the vibes of our bedroom. This luxurious soft cotton satin and high thread count bed linen is lightly fragranced with pleasant natural aroma that uplifts relaxation and improves sleep. This innovative blend of softness and fragrance is achieved by the use of microencapsulated fragrance which releases a mild aroma when the skin rubs against the fabric. The range of Aroma Rich bed linen available in Lavender, Musk, Jasmine and Rose, not only promotes good sleep but also prevents odor and keeps the bed linen fresh even after multiple washes.

Special Moments by Bombay Dyeing

Special Moments is a charming fusion of intricate details, classic charm and gone by heritage. Rendered on luxurious 400 TC cotton satin, these bed sheets are designed for special moments in one’s life. The unique Italian finish makes these bed sheets ultra smooth and keeps the prints vibrant even after multiple washes. Coordinated with 4 pillow cases, two cushion covers & a coverlet, a Special Moments’ bed sheet is the perfect gift for occasions like anniversaries, weddings & house warming.

Urban Living by Bombay Dyeing

Urban Living is a chic new collection of formal bed sheets, enthused by the energy and vivacity of iconic cities around the world. Urban Living bed sheets are a stylish play of motifs, patterns, colors and shades that form an integral fraction of the city life. The wonderful experience of your favorite city continues even when the day comes to an end.

I wish the company good luck in going offbeat in home décor and for illuminating innumerable homes with their  remarkable collections.



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    Very nice bed linens.

    March 9, 2011

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