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8 Trendy Bed Linens in Florals

Hey Friends,

2010 is reaching its end. We all now look forward to a fresh start of a fresh year in a fresh new look. Most people tend to focus on decorating and renovating their living rooms but often tend to ignore the bedrooms. Bedroom is one place where we spend quality time in relaxing and sleeping. It is our personal space which demands attention and reflects our personality in real.

Today’s blog post is about decorating your bedroom with the freshness of floral patterns. Here are 8 trendy design ideas for bed linens which can be replicated in your space for a refreshing atmosphere at the start of 2011.


1. By Bed Bath Store

I like the way printing, embroidery and gathering techniques have been combined beautifully in restricted arenas to create an impact that is both delightful and soothing in this Rianna White and Blue Floral Bedding.

2. By Bed Bath and Beyond

Check out the depth of colors and variety of patterns available with this bedding which makes it appropriate for use with plain hued sheets in a neutral background. Some products can be clubbed with others and more options or bed sets are ready with mix match in this Amy Butler’s Kyoto Bedding.

3. By- Bed Bath and Beyond

This Amy Butler Ravenna bedding is very relaxing and absolutely perfect for a calming atmosphere. Pastels are both bright and subtle at the same time. The techniques of printing, layering and embroidery are well placed.

4. by- Bed Bath and Beyond

Vibrant yet serene. The colors are wonderful in this Amy Butler’s Lovely Garden Bedding.  Layering and printing have been combined appropriately for this eclectic look.


5. By- Llph – UK

Peonies, peaches and berries in bright pinks and citrus greens look lovely here, elegantly balanced against a powder blue backdrop. The look is fresh, cheerful and contemporary.

6. By- Kids UK

This embroidered and embellished bed set with appliqué and prints creates an ornamented look. The colors are pastel and would suit both a loud and neutral background.


7. By- Wallacesacks

Subtle embroidery with satin trims on a heavy cotton fabric looks luxurious. I especially love the colors here that create an ambience that is both comforting and sophisticated.


8. By- Lyons Linens

Layering and embroidery in small areas of this off white bedding make it look glamorous in its own way. It would look excellent against any earthy back drop.


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