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Rugs – An aesthetic addition in your space

Hey Folks,

Being a designer I often get queries on what type of rugs/carpets/ floor coverings to employ to add substance to the décor of a particular room. My first take on this question is to first identify the requirement and then to understand whether a person needs a rug, a carpet or a floor covering.

Rugs are a more aesthetic form of floor cover or carpet, available in various types and styles and are generally used to add warmth and comfort to the space. They come in various sizes, colors and designs to suit one’s requirement. My personal choice is that of handmade ones as they possess a human element in them. Their irregularities and unevenness on surface is simply classic and unparallel.

There are various uses of rugs. From adding a focal point in a room, to providing balance to furniture, to enhancing the color schemes, to adding texture to the otherwise simple décor, so on and so forth. They are also used in creating separate zones within a given space and are easily adaptable and changeable too. In case you possess a valuable silk, handmade rug, you can even think of decorating your wall with it instead of floor. They are also used as a staircase runner.

The most important things to keep in mind while buying a rug is to think of its size, color and design to suit the décor, furniture and space as a whole. For instance, if you think that the space is dull and boring in appeal, add a colorful rich rug there and if the space appears to busy, place a plain rug there in some neutral hue to calm down the ambience.

If you don’t have a traditional décor in your space and would like to go in for something contemporary and modern, these days a lot of machine made rugs are available in the market to suit your requirement. They are synthetic, hence have low maintenance and are available in multiple color and design choices. Below are some pictures to illustrate some.

By-Style Files
By- Rug Designer
By- Concept For Living
By- Concept For Living
By- Modern Rugs
By- Contemporist
By-The Rug Boutique

I also recommend the use of Persian and Turkish rugs. They are world famous for their character and looks in a traditional décor.

Persian rugs are hand knotted, usually available in rectangular shapes. They are made in rich colors like crimson and indigo in the main areas along with browns, greens and yellows in other areas. Most Persian rugs are known to carry floral motifs like all over flowers, flower vases or pots and gardens. These days they even comprise some geometric patterns.

Turkish rugs carry the inspiration of Persian rugs, are hand knotted like them with ‘Senneh’ knots. They are made in few colors like red and blue and sometimes green too. Their pile is slightly bigger than that of Persian rugs. The most common patterns on these rugs are stylized tulips, geometrics, geometric flowering diamonds, stylized tree of life motif, etc.

Here are some pictures of traditional rugs.

By- Archiexpo
By- Home Design Find
By- Design Lines Ltd.
By- World Of Rugs AZ
By- Kaoud


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