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Appliqué and Patch Work

Hey Everyone!

Appliqué and Patch Work are 2 techniques that are famous all over the world for enhancement of fabrics and products. These 2 happen to be my favorite too as they generate a lot of surface interest and novelty by means of ornamentation.

In earlier days, geometric motifs were used to build the patterns for the 2 of these and these techniques were considered to be a good form of creative past time. Today, we look up to these techniques to add essence and focus to a particular look, be it for fashion, home or lifestyle products. Moreover, designers these days are trying out a lot of unusual shapes in appliqué and a lot of different textures for patch work.

Patch work is a form of fabric craft or needle work in which fabrics are sewn together carefully without any puckering to make a larger design or fabric. Whereas, appliqué is a craft or needle work in which a cut motif/pattern is sewn over the base fabric in order to decorate it. However, both the techniques are even crafted with machine these days.

Here are a few pictures to demonstrate how patch work and appliqué look like.


By-Jane Hopkins
By-Alternative Windows
By-Dont Look Now
By-Cray Berry Creek
By-Oh Fransson
By-Kathy Mcneil Quilts
By- Sandra Leichner
By-Image Made In China
By- Kids and Cribs
By-Lemon Tree Tales
By- Etsy


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