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Soft Furnishings – 7 Trendy Ideas for the Holiday Season

Hey Friends!

It is the Thanksgiving Day on 25th November, 2010. The day about showing gratitude to everyone who showers blessings and also the day to remember all the good things that happen in our life. It also reminds us all of the arrival of the Holiday Season.

A lot of people like to bring in changes in their home décor during this season, to welcome Christmas and of course, family and guests too. A great idea is to bring in changes in the soft furnishings in your space, to add some warmth and comfort to our lifestyle in the upcoming season.

From drapes/curtains to couch/love seat covers to rugs/carpets and decorative pillows, and not to forget the bed linen and the table linen too, fabrics cozy up the space within no time, making it look inviting and relaxed.

Here are a few points to bring in some changes in your space with 7 trendy ideas in soft furnishings.

1.       Install twin rails for your curtains. The front rail could carry sheers or see-through drapes for the day time when you want the light to show in and the back rail could carry some thick and opaque curtains to block the light or bring in privacy.

2.      Cast your couch and love seat with an interesting upholstery fabric. You can either go for a plain upholstery with some cushions carrying a detailed design or the vice versa. The plain upholstery will look formal and elegant while the opposite ( Jacquard/Printed/Embroidered) could give an informal or casual look to the entire set up.

3.      Use some trendy colors for the soft furnishings. Check out the color section of this blog for some great color concepts.

4.      For table Linen and bed linen, there are various ideas and varieties available in the market. From plain satin ones to stripes and checks to vibrant prints to subtle weaves. Pick up whatever suits your personality the best, but don’t forget the overall ambience of the space.

5.      If you have children at home or a lot of guests expected, go in for soft furnishings with stain resistant finish as they are easier to maintain and do not get dirty too often.

6.      Keep a stock of beautiful mix and match decorative pillows. These go handy with all kinds of chairs, couches and even bed linen.

7.      Install rugs in neutral or earthy shades to go with all kinds of décor.

Hope these prove useful in updating your décor. Wish you all a very Happy Holiday Season!




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