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WHITE – A Pure and Bright Color Trend

Hey Friends,

First of all I would like to extend my heartiest wishes for this festive season and hope it brings all the happiness in your lives.

We all consider some or the other color as our favorite color. Mine is White. I just cannot imagine my world without white. Some people find it very bare and ordinary, but to me, it is extremely attractive and holds the power to be well cherished in a range of decorating styles. Saying that, I have always had a thing for white and moreover with oodles of design ideas in my mind, white is simply unavoidable for me.

Be it for a serene and casual look or an absolutely formal and welcoming atmosphere, there are innumerable hues that we can use alongside white. It adds a sort of crispness and freshness in our space, with furniture, walls, focal points or accessories.

The best thing I like about this color is that it can be well mixed in the existing décor and paired up with seasonal colors that happen to be in vogue. White is a classic and timeless color which sums up for a lot of versatility with easy acceptance of other hues. According to me it is the only color that is so fresh, clean and easy to live with.

Below are some pictures to illustrate the use of white in spaces well decorated.





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