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Wilderness – Heimtextil Trend 2011/2012 (Reconnect)

Hey Folks,

This is a technological era. We think in a modern hi-tech way and make every effort to be self reliant. We feel the need to attain a lifestyle of ultra maintenance by making maximum use of essential products.

Wilderness, a Heimtextil Trend 2011/2012, takes us where we came from and gives us an opportunity to be at one with nature.

The trend gives significance to crafts from the past like wicker-weaving. This renders a rather personalized look in every product that we use, distinctively marked by natural imperfection. New natural, organic look, feel, characteristics, tactile properties and materials are going to remain in vogue throughout 2011.

The four themes that fall under this trend are as follows.

PRIMITIVE RAW theme talks about simple shapes, silhouettes’, patterns and manufacturing processes.

NATURE’S HARVEST theme invites the use of untreated and unprocessed materials in making products to support the environmental aesthetic values.

The theme FOLK TALES displays the hard work of the upcoming designers to relocate the forgotten expertise and craftsmanship to today’s modern world, hence providing a significant connection between the local and worldwide.

The theme UNTAMED NATURE encourages us to use designs influenced and made by a revival of the craftsmanship from the olden times.

Here are some pictures to depict the trend.

WILDERNESS - Heimtextil Trends 2011/2012 (Reconnect)



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