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Hey Everyone,

Have you ever thought of having those things around that are both natural and digital at the same time? We create and install products that are eco friendly by making the best use of technology. How about combining both an eco and digital look together in a product? I think designers can do wonders with this theme.

Tech – Eco theme supports patterns that look organic and still carry a technical trace. A good mix of winter colors with some earth colors creates a palette with a huge scope. Fabrics should all be functional. Winter is approaching so we may employ some insulating and thick fabrics that are not only organic but also have hybrid fibers for the look that is eco yet lively and active.

LOOK: Natural with Digital

COLORS: Warm and Earthy

FABRICS: Thinsulate Ultra, Organic Wool, Acrylic, Cotton Blends, Suede, Micro Suede, Flannel, Micro Fleece

PATTERNS: Organic shapes against some graphic or digital background

Below are some patterns to go with the theme.


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