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Hey Everyone,

The theme Traditional Legacy combines the adapted spirit of the past with present day craft to rework and formulate an altogether new design trend. Integrating the simplistic and minimalistic modern with the gone by attitude of opulence gives rise to some very stylish surface ornamentation techniques. The fabrics are similar to what were used some decades back, but with some new technical touches in ornamentation. It depicts a classic mix of everything already existing with today’s ornamentation in a youthful manner.

LOOK: Opulent, rich, youthful, modern

COLORS: Maroon, Burgandy, Plum, Purple, Fuschia, Gold, Bronze, Silver, Off White, Cream

FABRICS: Silk, Silk Jacquards, Chenille, Art silk, fabrics with shimmering Lurex, Felt

PATTERNS: Traditional Patterns, Stripes, Bold Spot Motifs, Figurative, Geometric

ORNAMENTATION TECHNIQUES: Appliqué, Gathering, Layering, Couching, Self Embroidery, Brasso

Below are a few pictures to illustrate some surface ornamentation techniques that could be used for this theme. Please note that the colors in these illustrations may not match the requirement of the theme.


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