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Hey Everyone!

Window/door treatments are considered an imperative aspect of design as they not only enable us to add emphasis to décor, but also enhance the size of the space. There is a variety available in the market for window coverings, for instance, curtains, sheers, valances, panels, blinds, shades, drapes and shutters. This year the look is very minimalistic and much affordable than the trends in the gone by years.

Here are a few window covering ideas (with illustrations),which can alter the existing look of your space, making it look ultra modern and fashionable. If you are a designer, these will prove useful while you create a new collection for the next season.

  1. Whimsical patterns on coverings seem to be a perfect choice for every space as they have a kind of surprise element in them.
  2. Sheers in sensational and bold hues are in fashion with a tone on tone effect.
  3. Hard textured and polyester sheers are all out, delicate organic sheers with mild shimmer are in vogue, interwoven with totally unexpected materials and printed with embossed patterns.
  4. Velvet is an abiding trend this year too. It is still considered the best texture for drapery for the iridescent effect it creates by catching light from different angles.
  5. Double pleats are back in vogue as they make the drape look appropriately tailored.
  6. Eyelets on drapes are a continuing trend as they are simplistic in form like the latest themes in design.
  7. Extra-long window/door coverings which fall on the floor are replaced with floor-length coverings as all exaggeration is truly passed off and minimalism is in vogue.

Hope these trends help you in transforming your space and building up new collection for the upcoming season.


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