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TURQUOISE – Incorporating a hot color in your space

Hey Everyone!

In my last post I wrote about 10 inspirational reasons to use Turquoise. In today’s post I shall tell you the ways to incorporate the color in your space.

Incorporating Turquoise in wall treatments, small furnishing products and accessories is an exceptional way to harmonize the otherwise strong hued areas without altering the rest of the décor. This holds true with almost all accentuating hues as textiles provide a perfect way to add pockets of color to any space.

Using Turquoise in curtains for windows and doors allows some natural light to peep in and in addition to this it enhances the ceiling height, making the space between the ceiling and floor appear larger than it actually is.

Even the most useful objects in home like kitchen ware and bath ware can be given a total transformation using glamorous assortment of hues.

Sometimes we get stuck with the idea of using some important fashionable color with the rest of the colors as we don’t know where to use it and along with which colors. Below are a few tips for combining Turquoise with the rest of the colors.



  1. A combination of turquoise with creams, reds and browns gives it a look of a country style of décor.
  2. Using it with dark blue and fresh green induces freshness.
  3. Red and orange along with turquoise make the décor look inviting and glamorous.
  4. A stark combination of black and turquoise creates a sense of sophistication.
  5. Combining turquoise with white is an excellent way to welcome summers.
  6. For gleaming up the décor, using bold turquoise against the backdrop of organic neutral colors proves valuable.
  7. To depict the feeling of fun n frolic, a combination of turquoise, pink and yellow brings excitement in the décor.
  8. Turquoise looks very stylish when combined with chocolate brown. This is a very versatile combination.
  9. Using silver and grey with turquoise makes the space look modern and contemporary.
  10. To create a tropical feeling, incorporating turquoise with orange and magenta is a good idea.

I hope you like these ideas and try some too.


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  1. fashion game #

    Beautifully written.

    September 30, 2010

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