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Hey All,

I am back with some fresh topics for my blog after a gap of almost 10 days that I spent on research for Heimtextil (January 2011). In my next few posts, I shall write about topics relevant to latest design trends, design styles, themes and color stories.

Some days back I wrote about Turquoise as the Color of the Year 2010 and today I shall emphasize a little more on the same.

Here are a few pictures to illustrate the hot color trend of 2010- TURQUOISE


  1. It looks outstanding in rustic and country style decor.
  2. It is inviting, fresh, graceful and trendy.
  3. It creates awesome visual interest, especially when used on illustrations.
  4. It is a symbol of contentment.
  5. It is cheerful, youthful and sophisticated all together.
  6. It produces serenity, adding a soothing and relaxing touch to everything.
  7. It is vibrant and full of energy.
  8. It is pleasantly subdued yet rich and jewel toned.
  9. It makes a statement of glamour and magnificence with its shimmering tone.
  10. It brings in an unusual and whimsical touch in a lackluster décor.

With these emotions that the color is associated with, this gorgeous and versatile hue is definitely the reigning hue of 2010.

I shall soon post a comprehensive description on the use of this color in fashion and home.


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