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Hey Everyone!

Nature and Nurture is a unique theme where in we could include numerous concepts emerging out of inspiration derived from nature. Both design and color story highlight a lot of energy and vibrancy with each new motif used in making patterns.

The theme can be tagged with both crude and natural designs on one hand and on the other there are some romantic designs with graceful lure that glorify the splendor of nature in an unusual way. In both styles, patterns transpire in a unique style and grace with everlasting design aspects which include clean lines, rich colors and lasting style. The theme enables us to bring the natural world closer in our life.

Raw and refine, a natural world that evolves slowly but steadily.  Intriguing textures and unstructured shapes stand out in neutral hues to create a warm and personal appeal for the development of a natural look. The designs in this theme pay homage to nature with a woody palette alongside springtime colors that not only look dynamic but also add to the vibrancy. Refined, rustic effects in complement with natural motifs are sometime hazy and indistinct.

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