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Every designer or decorator generally recommends a change of look or décor of living spaces every now and then to combat boredom. It is certainly not an effortless job considering the busy life we lead these days. As a designer I recognize that there is strong interest in classic designs, since they don’t go out of trend due to seasonal change in hues or patterns. I highly advocate the use of a combination of black and white to them. Having said that, I’d like to mention that individual use of black and white has always fascinated me from childhood and I feel content using them even today.

The combination of sophistication of black with the finesse of white brings in incredible results and has been a classic style for both fashion and home. It is a timeless combination that revives itself in many ways every year. Black being dramatic and exciting, and white being elegant and graceful, when employed together in right proportion, are capable of making a bold statement. It is a very bright and powerful juxtaposition of two contrast hues that hold the ability to liven up any space from office to home.

For me, this combination is very receptive of small seasonal changes in color. All we need to do is bring small modification in color in focal areas or accents. This can bring in important visual variation without disturbing the rest of the décor frequently. Adding seasonal colors and warm bright accents creates a radiant and bright feeling that is profound and soothing. Splashes of accent colors with minor tonal difference can create enduring masterpieces of design. Here are a few examples.




Such contrast of both hues can also be accommodating when we want our space to look larger than it actually is (which is fairly easy to accomplish), thus creating a bold statement of sparkling style beyond our anticipation. White being the color of peace, a white ceiling and white walls display the ambiance of peace. At the same time the décor looks progressively modern and stylish. An intelligent mixing of different shades of black and tones of white can create a composition that will make you want to spend more time in that space.


To add an undeniable fresh look to your office or home, black and white is a perfect color combination. White and black are here to stay since they also resonate with the hues of life, some days of fun and some of strife.


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  1. beljamin best web designer #

    Good!! You have wonderful talks I have never seen and you seem to learn your stuff.

    September 20, 2010
  2. virtuousgoddess #

    I love this…you rock!

    January 19, 2011

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