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Hey Everyone!

Floral designs are known to trap everyone’s gaze. They are not just charming but also boost up and beautify a certain kind of composition.

Combining form, texture, depth, focal point, contrast, space, harmony, unity, rhythm, proportion, repetition and creativity with an amazing variety of flowers available naturally, designers can create a huge range of floral designs.

I like to combine the European style and the Oriental style together for novelty. Generally, designers like to use them separately but I love their amalgamation although they are totally opposite to each other. European florals include a large number of flowers in rich colors, where as Oriental florals are simple, include few flowers in conservative colors. Along with flowers, use of fruits and foliage is also very famous.

Earlier floral designs used to be very natural in appearance and even their arrangement in a pattern used to be very simple. Over the years, with ongoing design and pattern experiments, florals have become more ornate. Stylized florals, fruits and foliage are all a common pattern today.

Flowers were used as motifs earlier only to depict the impression of class and later the concept moved towards romance and individuality. This enabled the patterns to become more lavish and overwhelming. Today, we have a contemporary touch in most floral designs.

Here are a few examples of floral designs.

picture by Liberty

Picture by JB Quilting Fabrics

Picture by Design Your Own Draperies

Picture by Designer's Guild

Picture by Design Your Own Draperies

Picture by Hancocks paducah

Having a floral design in any product at home makes it look refreshing. So if you desire to have some freshness in your setup, add floral designs somewhere and create an arena of interest.


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  1. puja #

    hi nidhi good work keep it up & best of luck

    September 10, 2010
  2. Nicole #

    beautiful work!

    January 19, 2012

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