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Greetings to all!

It is said that people living in metro cities enjoy life of great prospects and vigor but with all this comes the reality of the place being overcrowded. All the while when I was in Mumbai, I realized that smaller apartments were a choice of millions because of sky rising price factors.

Very few people realize that for small places, understated and contemporary décor is just right. Mostly, I have noticed people populating their spaces with so much clutter, although they don’t have sufficient time to spend at home, away from work. The right amalgamation of colors, furniture and storage section can make such small spaces look spacious and organized. In fact, it is class that one must think of and not mass while decorating such spaces because that is the key to lead a content lifestyle.

There are three things that come to my mind while I think of décor in a small space – Concepts, Minimalistic Approach and Creative Blends. Here is the explanation.

At times when you are not very sure about concepts and themes for design application, you can move ahead with color concepts as they are not all that complex to follow. Using whites, pastels and light neutrals can produce an impression of larger space and then contrast color can be employed in any one section of the wall to develop a point of interest. With muted or subtle color scheme, it gets handy to provide illustrative focus to some objects of attraction. With good lighting and illumination, space can be made to look much bigger than it actually is and it adds on a lot of breathing space around. With all this effort do not forget to have simple flooring without much fuss.

The idea behind minimalistic approach is to avoid any kind of pretentious piece of furniture. Busy furnishing products patterned with large and colorful motifs are a strict no too. Walls can be lightly adorned with few attractive paintings. Space shall not be crammed full with too many furniture pieces, instead have a lot of easy moving space around.

Try some multifunctional components while decorating your space. For instance modular kitchens have now come a long way in modern homes. In the same way, beds with storage, wardrobes within the wall, storage for toiletries below wash basin, Plasma or flat screen television set, convertible sofas, etc. are just a few examples of creative ideas that are easy to install. We must pick up things which are our favorite as they reflect our personality and define our style.

If you live in a city where your residing place isn’t very big, try these simple ideas and make your home look beautiful.


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  1. Ruchi #

    Hi Nidhi,
    Very impressive writing. Keep up the good work.

    September 19, 2010

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