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Hey Everyone!

In any type of design, geometry has great value because it has given us a world of shapes to use, from the uncomplicated polka dot, stripes and checks to curvaceous decorative motifs.

The trend of Geometric patterns seems to be affixed around this year too. These patterns appear mostly in contrast with figurative designs like florals adding good style to any composition. Shapes comprising lines, circles, ellipses, triangles, rectangles and polygons create dynamic geometric patterns and enable the eyes to follow them across every corner of the composition.

I particularly like to combine geometric patterns with trendy colors, novel textures and have always seen them emerging up to people’s liking. Some famous geometric patterns that I like to incorporate while making designs are the Greek Key Pattern, Fret, Herringbone, Chevrons, Mosaic, Meanders, Zigzag, Stripes, Polka Dots, Lozenges, Polygons, and large Squares and Rectangles. With these one can make both very simple to very complex design and patterns.

The use of parallel, perpendicular, and interesting lines can change the most inflexible one-way design into a pattern with structural gracefulness. For Instance, Stripes are an easy way to develop co-ordinates for main designs.

Below are a few examples of how geometric patterns are employed in designing products.

Picture by Houseoffraser.scene7

Picture by Wolf and Willow

Picture by Whitwells

Picture by Hey Little Birdie

Picture by Cuddles Kids Bedding

Hope this insight on how beautifully a geometric pattern can be employed in designing various products in various ways proves useful to you in many ways. It is just simplicity at its best!


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  1. KUmar #

    Nidhi, u r true in saying that. Patterns are really grt & it comes to geomatricals they are fantasies.
    Lovely one. Thnxs.

    September 4, 2010

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