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COLORS – A Trendy Power of Expression

Hey Everyone!

Why are beautiful things so beautiful?

What makes some things really soothing and calming for our eyes?

What do we look for when we make up and transform our home or office space?

The answer to all is COLOR. It makes beautiful things more beautiful, creates a serene or warm ambience and rates as the most premier thing in both relevance and significance to professionals in the field of design, be it home textiles, fashion or interiors.

Every year when a certain color trends are announced, most of us wonder why these trends are not very different from last year. Very few of us realize that the color directions are strengthening up each year and coming into great focus with time.

Colors continue to be a trendy power of expression and if used in a wrong way create a false impression of our personality. This year a few colors have seen a real make over. Mostly, there have been some influential changes in Blue, Reds and Yellow.

The horizon of yellow has expanded spectacularly. In particular, I think I have noticed three families of yellow everywhere. The first one is the sunshine yellow which the designers across the globe are coupling up with greys and blues to reduce its sparkle a bit and yet to bring in that vibrancy of the original hue.

The second type of yellow has an orange and saffron cast over it making it available for use to depict richness in whatever they are used in or with. This yellow is generally paired up with rich brew colors.

The third type of yellow is slightly on a greener side and looks very exotic with reddish brown tones or vibrant deep reds.

Although a lot different from each other, all three happen to be very warm so are to be used carefully as per the season and occasion. Here are a few examples.

Picture by Bahrainidiva

Picture by Polyvore

Picture by Digs Digs

In one of my posts lately, I wrote about the color of the year 2010 – Turquoise. Since the family of turquoise happens to be blue, it continues its vigor this year too. Along with turquoise, a lot of true blues are in vogue. The most powerful ones happen to be Azure, Hyacinth, Ultramarine and Heliotrope blue. The general overtone is the one with cheerfulness and vibrancy. Check out the blues below.

Picture by Bellamaison23

Picture by Blackroosterdecor

Picture by Habitathanalei

Reds happen to march towards blue side this year. Pinkish red (not Fuscia) paired up with black for a dramatic effect, Bordeaux, and deep berry reds with neutrals like Taupe, grey and brown for that sophisticated look, are a hot favorite of designers this year. Very little is left of the once omnipresent purple. Here are some examples of reds.

Picture by Ehomee

Picture by CDN Media Kiwicollection

Try out some of these colors in your home and office and find yourself in love with your space. Remember like us, our space also demands a makeover each year.


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