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TRENDS 2010/2011

Greetings to all!

Trends play the most vital role in the profession of designers. They act as a point of reference for designers, product developers, furnishing specialists and interior decorators. The whole year these trends are used in shaping up themes.

Besides the trends Futurustic, Temptation, Hypernature and Intuition which were stated in Frankfurt-Heimtextil in January this year for 2010/2011, a lot of other important developments came across via the display of companies that participated in the event.

Here are 7 points that show what was prominent during the display at the event. If you keep these in mind while planning your collection, I am sure you cannot go wrong.

  1. Seemingly, this year the variation in trends are more understated and incremental, both in color and design direction. The color directions have become stronger this year too and have brought across a lot of focus in designs.
  2. A lot of metallic fabrics, finishes, hues, yarns, surface ornamentation, etc.  have come in vogue.
  3. Textures have always been important in printed, woven and embroidered products. This year too natural looking textures have been employed in many themes. Textures have also been seen in fabric techniques like puckered or rouched fabrics. Asymmetrical yarns are used effectively in making these textured uneven surfaced fabrics.
  4. Open mesh weaves and gauzy fabrics add a raw touch to everything put together in eco friendly products. They are also used in some products to add fine substance.
  5. Ecological awareness has been paid a lot of heed while planning these trends and consumer behavior can also be seen transforming in favor of it. Every designer seems to have added environment friendly products in his/her collection, employing organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, etc. in fibers and fabrications.
  6. Collections are designed around intensively creative, novel materials and organic innovations. For instance, Bamboo has been combined with silk and/or linen, etc. Though independently, Linen is the most significant star this season too. Natural fibers offer great comfort and physical pleasure in all products besides making immemorial consumption of natural resources.
  7. Changes in pattern design are also enduring. Small scale integrated patterns with overall textures appear prominently. On the other hand, large scale florals take over more conventional, mainstream-oriented offerings.

I hope these points would aid you in designing and developing your themes for the season. I shall tell you about colors in trend in my next post.


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