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HYPERNATURE – Heimtextil Trend 2010/2011

Hi Friends!

Living in cities has a lot of benefits. You are well connected with the entire world, have a better career and lifestyle.  While most of us enjoy these three factors, we still feel the need to bring in some freshness in our home and office.

HYPERNATURE – a trend for 2010/2011, asserts to transports the freshness of nature to the big city.

The trend assures a breath of fresh air in our space, rendering a more human fragrance to the urban environment. It augurs beautiful and splendid rhythm into our everyday mundane life.

Global wellbeing is kept in mind while shaping up this trend. Fabrics are used as natural prototypes. Refreshing, light, smoke hued yarns are employed to show clean, airy and soothing properties. Soft textured, elegantly flowing, shimmering fabrics are used to create understated impression.

An intelligent use of these fabrics in stylish and sophisticated colors in smoggy effect installs fresh vigor and powerful oomph in city life. It creates a lot of novel sensuality and innovation. The trend is fabricated with transparent materials and natural fabrics like Soy and Bamboo.

The theme BENEFICIAL INNOVATIONS renders a modern and realistic touch of warmth with a lot of monochromatically hued embroidery that makes it appear resourceful and sensual at the same time.

The theme ORGANOTECH brings in balance with natural elements and hint of freshness. Amalgamating products and furnishing materials with shadowy effects brought out with layering and lighting are effectively used under the trend.

The theme LAYERING REALITY carries innovation with soft, intense, glowing compositions, layers and subtle sensory illusions, focus being on bridging the gap between reality and poetry.

Below is the picture by Flavia Vanelli that describes HYPERNATURE.



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