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TEMPTATION – Heimtextil Trend 2010/2011

Hi All!

Today we all feel the urge to be connected, be it with colleagues, age group, contemporaries, peers, or any social group. We are all very well networked and most of the credit certainly goes to the fast pace technology, the Internet and of course our public life.

While I connect with a lot of people on day to day basis, I personally feel the need of some private space too. This is not true just for me, but also for a lot of people in general I network with. While this networking buzz is becoming increasingly popular amongst all of us, we all crave for a personal sphere and we also seek to chase for our inner values.

TEMPTATION, a trend of 2010/2011, creates a private sphere out of the traditional and modern.

This trend is conceived to tempt the senses in this technological world. The concept is to utilize classic forms and patterns with amazing new advancements. The private space we look forward to becomes perceptive in our own home.

The overall idea behind the TEMPTATION trend is to create sensuality through fantasy. Opulent materials express worn out concept, a lot of theatrical overstatement and exuberant artifices. Virtual seduction creates elegance in a fresh new way with decorative classicism and technological modernity. A lot of opulent fabrics are used, but with worn out look. Colorful plastic finishes come in vogue, only with decorative and ornamental borders, making a statement of Temptation.

The theme INTIMATE SPHERE, showcases a very modern concept but with aged or worn out look in products, reminding us of the time gone by.

The theme IRRESISTIBLE STAGING, can be made relevant by creating unusual atmosphere by directing a relationship between the old and new. Creativity can be shown in using materials with strong contrast like transparent colored plastic finish with a beautiful classic border and trims.

The theme DIGITAL CLASSICS conceals the dividing line between the real and the virtual. It features a passage between unrealistic twixt and the existing. With this, the timeless elements are deciphered in classic forms which never outdate.

The picture below ( features fabrics which fall under TEMPTATION trend.

Temptation by Messe Frankfurt

Temptation by Messe Frankfurt

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