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FUTURUSTIC – Heimtextil Trend 2010/2011

Hi Everyone!

How many of us are actually considerate enough to install eco-friendly products in our homes?

In fact, very few understand how important it is. These days, designers across the globe feel the need to nurture and protect the earth’s resources and this can be well seen in their trends.

SIMPLICITY OF HIGH QUALITY is the statement made by FUTURUSTIC trend for 2010/2011.

This trend focuses on natural beauty, material power, and urge for quality and worth and hence has been declared for the creation and development of all sophisticated designs and products. The idea is to create nature oriented patterns and designs along with nourishing ecological comfort and indulgence.

Rough textured materials, delicate wickerwork, recycled fabrics and trims, pleated materials, hairy finishes and heavy looks are the traits to be considered for any theme reflecting this trend.

The FUTURUSTIC trend states this relationship and creatively underlines the characteristics of realism and ecological conservation reflections. Everything natural and organic is reflected in this trend like Jute, Hemp, Organic Cotton, Bamboo and recycled fabrics.

Visually and artistically, Futurustic trend focuses on sensitivity and nuances of designs, fine and delicate weaves, frothy and voluminous, and also on ecological and organic patterns.

For instance, the theme REFINED ROOTS signifies irregular formations in patterns as in natural things, implying a modern outlook of “Back to the roots.”

The theme LESSTRAVAGANCE expresses that less is more and treats simple materials to an extraordinary standard of quality. It focuses on eco-luxury with variations in clean and simple styles and elementary forms of luxury and richness.

The theme, INFINITE TIME is about amalgamating crude and raw textures with soft materials. The designs suggest classic solace and comfort with soothing vigor and a rustic poise in the future.

Below is a picture by Flavia Vanelli that depicts this trend very well.

FUTURUSTIC-Heimtextil Trend 2010/2011

FUTURUSTIC-Heimtextil Trend 2010/2011

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