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Hello All!

However modern our thoughts may become, somewhere we all are a little traditional at heart. We  see all classic things with admiration. In this technological era, we still happen to stop and gaze at anything that has a folk appeal attached in its design or color. Techno folk is the design style meant for us, who believe in living modern but somewhere want to remain attached to our folk roots.

Techno Folk Patterns

Techno Folk patterns are designed to revive the old folklore design tradition in a modern hi-tech way. The design theme is inspired by the tribal influence juxtaposed with the present day techno savvy world in order to retrieve rapid extinction of typical legendary folklore. The designs are derived from the ethnic peculiarity of olden days in combination with metropolis attributes of technology and fast pace. It speaks of an ethnic enriched blend where raw impulse is acquiescent with technological advancement.

Patterns that form a part of this theme are definitely trendy as they are designed keeping in mind the real modern style of designing in combination with a touch of rustic and nomadic folklore. A lot of simple geometrics are used in the ground to give an urban feel to designs.

Some people confuse it with the retro style of designs, but this approach is entirely different. Here the designs have no hint of the past times. In fact, it is with the use of traditional colors and motifs that the designs have been created. The overall designs have a formal and elegant look depicting a good combination of modern and antique design patterns.

Fabrics and trims that could well portray the theme are all raw textures, tweeds, boucles, chenille, ripped out yarns, uneven surfaced fabrics, and granular and feathery textures with pom-poms, beaded laces and old traditional appliqués.

Techno Folk Colors

A lot of elegant colors like Cherry, Walnut and Mahogany are put together or used separately in some designs. In most, designs have been patterned with Flaming Red, Turquoise, Fuchsia, Bright Mauve against beige accents or dark neutrals.

Bright colors are placed in contrast to neutral and pale colors. The look is happy, ecstatic, creatively fresh and colorful. Ornamental or folklore motifs are placed against modern hi-tech backgrounds and colors play a vital role in depicting the essence of this design theme.

Here are a few examples that portray the Techno Folk Design theme very well.

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