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Whenever I look at very artistic, extravagant and classic designs in textiles, fashion, art and architecture, I am reminded of an influential style of art in Europe. Baroque is that creative style I am talking about. From music to art, theatre to sculpture, literature to philosophy, Baroque has had a prominent role in everything throughout the time it came to be acknowledged. A few years back I learnt where Baroque style came from, how could it be identified and so I thought of sharing the same with you alongside some tips to make up your home with the famous Baroque décor.

Origin of Baroque

It prevailed in Europe from the 16th century to the 18th century and fascinated the people of that time as expressive, simple, obvious and extraordinarily spectacular. It came to be known as a style portrayed by dynamic enhancement, unconcealed emotion and self confident expression. It emerged consciously from the amusing, intellectual qualities of 16th century art to a intuitive appeal aimed at the senses. The drier, chastened, less dramatic and vibrant Baroque art in the 18th century is often seen as a distinct Late Baroque illustration.

Characteristics of Baroque

Baroque designs stand out for being ornamental, dynamic, dramatic, extravagant, bizarre, exuberant and full of magnificence. It is a style of harmony forced upon luxurious affluence, profound detailing, vigor and a trend to haze out distinctions between the various art styles.

I would categorize designs with enormous details, bright vibrancy and overall sense of awe as Baroque. Below is a video from Deanhird’s Channel that should be able to explain what I am talking about.

The picture below also shows a touch of Baroque in them.


Baroque Style Décor

Taking further what we discussed about the characteristics of Baroque style of designing, I think it is quite a task to renovate or create a space that carries a look of Baroque décor.

The  punch of creating a Baroque décor in your home lies in combining glamorous elements and lavish or plush textures in a suitable color palette. Decorative elements must appear astounding and flaunt prosperity.

Keep the furniture surfaces shimmering. Furniture has to be massive and opulent, textiles – sumptuous and exclusive, colors – regally rich and dazzling, accessories – unusual and bizarre, floors – remarkably dramatic. If these things are taken care of, you would surely be able to have a splendid Baroque décor at your place.

The entire space must look lavish, flamboyant with the use of some grand crystals, chandeliers, cut glass frames. Use a lot of luxurious materials like Silk, Damask, Velvet and Tapestry. Once you splash a lot of ornamental stuff in the room, keep the drapes, decorative pillows and throws subtle. Use variety in lighting to light up the room in a way that it looks dramatic and extravagant.

Colors should be strong and placed in bold, regal combinations like purple and ochre, indigo, and gold, ebony and mother of pearl, deep red and gold, strong blue and silver. The overall color story should be flamboyant and intense.

Below are some examples of colors that can be used in Baroque décor.

Baroque Color Palette

Baroque Color Palette

Hope these tips prove well in transforming your space with Baroque Decor.

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