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Contemporary Decor Ideas

Greetings to all!

In my last post I discussed with you all the traits of contemporary designs and the colors that grade them as contemporary. In continuation to that today I shall provide with you some basic yet vital tips to make your home or office look contemporary. If you are new to this kind of a décor, you are in all probability fascinated to a minimalistic and modern look in contrast to overstuffed and old look.

You may incorporate a very trendy yet simple furniture to make your place look modern, clean and organized. That is what a contemporary look or feel is all about. You just have what is functional for you and still you do have some attention-grabbing accents added on. To achieve the touch of contemporary you must have sophisticated products and avoid any kind of ostentation. Try some basic and bold furniture instead of furniture with a lot of details.

For drapes and upholsteries, you may select a solid, geometric, or striped pattern in bold color and this might become your classic signature statement or style.

A classic contemporary palette comprises shades of white, cream, taupe and brown. When used together these should carry the same intensity to boost the contemporary feel. Any color that stands out even a bit will be then used as an accent color and of course to the minimum. Subtle shades of green, blue and purple also give a feeling of understated elegance when used with the palette of same saturation and intensity.

A contemporary look can also be brought about with the use of balanced colors. The only thing to remember is to keep a primary accent color to retain the feel. Supposedly you have an off white and light grey as the low intensity hues, you may combine them with high intensity hues  such as a medium deep grey and a deep blue. The use of medium deep grey would bridge the difference of hues between light grey and deep blue, giving it the required subtle look. If deep blue is used alone without a medium deep grey, it would get too loud and kill the feel of contemporary.

Below is a video by Interior Complex’s channel that comprises a lot of examples of accentuating your modern and contemporary décor with colors, furniture, drapes and upholsteries.

The accent colors enhance the concept when used on well placed accent pieces. And then, every season you may play around with these accent colors while you may still stick to the basic palette that you have used all the while.

Here are a few examples of how some colors can be employed to accentuate the entire contemporary setting, adding value to otherwise muted colors.

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