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Hey everyone!

As a designer I love working on trendy design styles and creating wonderful products that possess an impressive existence. Contemporary style is one of my favorite design styles as it simply refers to modern styled designs of today’s era. There are three words that come to my mind when I think of anything that is Contemporary-Trendy, Minimalist and Geometric. Along with these it connects very well with Modern Art, Futurism, Functionalism, and some post modern styles of design trends. Most of the design trends today revolve around this simplistic style while creating themes and color palettes.


A contemporary style of design is an absolute reverse of traditional style of design. The style is easy, clean and carries an organized look. It is illustrated by tidy lines and smooth surfaces without convoluted details. Today’s well run contemporary look in a design is a blend of comfortable, livable elements that create a sophisticated, fresh feel. In a contemporary style design story, a designer must try basic, bare, bold, and structural motifs to create patterns.

Contemporary designs are less decadent and ostentatious than that of the past and more focused in its use of elements that showcase profound logical charm, because it relies more on novel creativities than on the amplification of styles. Such designs use vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines, geometric motifs or patterns in bold color. For anyone who adores tidy looking exclusive designs, this may be the right design style for you. Some people think that contemporary design style is severely stark and unwelcoming while others think high of invigorating simplicity. Most find the uncluttered relaxing vibe of this design style serene and soothing.

Below is a video from Artguide’s channel that will give you a closer look of what modern contemporary art is all about.


Primarily, minimalism, understated class and style, texture and clear and clean elements of design describe contemporary style designs. By paying emphasis on color palette or story, background and foreground elements one can create sleek and impressive contemporary designs.

Contemporary design is equalized by neutral or muted color palettes of brown, beige, taupe, banana, cream, pristine white, black, taupe and mauves. In order to bring life to these muted effects small accents of bright, vibrant and bold color should be used. With this in mind, a lot of simple designs can be created with equal impact or statement that is visible in any other design style.

Greys and subdued colors, black, and white are the main colors that are employed in contemporary style of designing. The palette is frequently accentuated with bold and vibrant colors to create an impact.

Below are some examples of contemporary design style.

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