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Heimtextil Trends 2021-2022: Nothing New Everything New

It’s that time of the year when we are all set to explore and learn what the trend researchers and experts at Heimtextil unravel as the most promising trends for the upcoming year. I am very pleased to say that this time the forecast that they have come up with is not only inspiring but also my all time favorite subject of substance. I am sure the textile community will be equally delighted to explore and discover tomorrow’s design trends today. 

Below are the themes that will be detailed out more elaborately during the event. For now, catch a glimpse.

Forecast Courtesy: Heimtextil

According to Heimtextil, for many years, the lifestyle industry has asked “what is new this season?” Newness and cultural erosion are core drivers of lifestyle products, and the foundation of this began in the 20th century when shopping shifted from necessity-driven to pleasure-driven, and consumer products were no longer made to last a lifetime. Now is the time for a new perception of new itself, as both consumers and the industry are beginning to change existing systems and ways of working in different ways. Welcome to “Nothing New, Everything New”. 

The first two decades of this millennium brought several challenges for industry and trade – above all, the current coronavirus pandemic. But crises are also drivers of innovations. In the textile industry, digitalization and sustainability are currently omnipresent innovation topics. The coronavirus pandemic ensures that both topics are becoming even more important in the home textile industry. Heimtextil Trends 21/22 provide an overview of the status quo of those developments.

REPURPOSE: Repurpose is not a passing trend. Rather, it is a way of changing the product development narrative within the textiles industry, shifting from creating original textiles to curating existing textiles to form new visual expressions. Unlike the traditional design process which starts with an idea, Repurpose starts with considering what can be made from existing fabrics. From creation to curation, it gives existing textiles a new purpose and cherishes what’s already made.

REWILD: Rewilding is the act of returning nature back to its original wild state, yet the trend Rewild goes beyond returning to nature. It is not about making nature authentic, but rather understanding nature’s genuine wisdom. In the urban and post modern world, generations have largely lost connection to the surrounding ecology. This has significant influence on how individuals use and understand the ecosystem they live in. From authentic to genuine, Rewild means discovering nature’s resources and applying these in a modern context, delivering on sustainable or even regenerative solutions. The visual and textile expressions of the Rewild trend focus on direction like nature’s lab, Indigenous, wild and basic living.

REINFORCE: Resilient expression and Brutalist architecture are key elements in the Reinforce trend. To reinforce is to make something stronger. Longevity is a key influence on colors, materials and design. Reinforce has a simple and bold Scandinavian mood with a resilient, honest and minimalist look. From short-lived to longevity, Reinforce is about visuals and compositional longevity within textiles and materials. It draws inspiration from how Scandinavian design merges design durability with pared back functionality. This approach, proven over time, adds heavy and enduring materials to create visual resilience.

REVIVE: Reflecting youthful activism without our present perspective, attitude and behavior toward our world of “stuff”, Revive is an exploration of creativity. With a focus on achieving greater emotional satisfaction through the process of creating rather than on the result, no rules apply to the mending, processing, learning and experimenting in Revive. From result to process, Revive is to feel, sense and reconnect with human skills. It revives and honors the intangible state of flow that occurs while creating as opposed to focusing on the final object. Once a household practice, the act of repairing is now seen as creative method. The Revive trend subsequently focusses on process, modern mending and experimentation.

Autumn/Winter 2020/2021-Trendy Colors in London

According to Pantone color experts, the forecast for AW 20/21 in London favors a generous palette of noteworthy colors that communicate the idea of longevity and endurance.

According to Leatrice Eiseman, ED of Pantone Color Institute, “AW 20/21 is a story of mindfulness as we see stripping back of color to the essentials. Prevailing in singular color statements, Pantone’s color story conveys a message of strength and purposefulness with a sense of optimism.”

Here are the color trends that you will get to see in London Fashion Week 2020 which will be held in September.

Mandarin Red: An amplified and provocative orange-infused red tone, Mandarin Red is a dynamic force.

Samba: A voluptuous sultry red, Samba introduces an upbeat energy.

True Blue: A definitive and reliable blue hue, True Blue is constant and ever faithful.

Exuberance: A good natured and expansive orange shade, Exuberance conveys a message of spontaneity and happiness.

Military Olive: Military Olive is a strong and stalwart green tone imbued with a rich narrative.

Celery: Botanical in feeling, Celery is a vital yellow green that reflects the natural freshness of nature.

Ultramarine Green: Ultramarine Green, a deep cooling blue-green, exudes self-assurance and poise.

Strong Blue: The red undertone we see in Strong Blue injects vibrancy into this confident blue shade.

Burnt Henna: A robust red shade, Burnt Henna combines heartiness with sophisticated earthiness.

Tawny Birch: A rugged and woodsy tan shade evocative of rustic nature.

Jet Stream: Jet Stream is an off-white suggestive of our affinity far raw and recycled.

Sheepskin: A rich camel tone emblematic of naturally colored fleece.

Dress Blues: Dress Blues conveys a message of integrity and credibility.

Sleet: Highlighting our desire for longevity, Sleet is a timeless gray that is dependable, solid and everlasting.


Pantone and Zara collaborate for Spring 2020 collection

Pantone and Zara have collaborated on a project to create a collection of customizable clothing for Spring 2020 in some pleasing hues inspired by nature. The collection has been created using ecologically grown cotton.

The customers can choose both the garment and color in accordance to their personality and personal style. Following are the colors that they have used for the same.


The rose is heated with sun rays; a fruity and fleshy tone that connects us with a sensual abundance that enriches the surfaces. We leave the sugary roses behind and welcome some lights closer to the Earth.


Pacific Khaki evolves towards a more pacifist, vegetable and botanical natural green. A healthier, appeased, neutralized, calm and oxygenated shade.


A blue halfway between a dye Indigo Bleach and a Utopian Blue Sky that displays a soothing touch of irreproachable simplicity and lightness. A faint and shy but liberating tone that is a symbol of transparency and lightness.


Lilac inspired by smoked quartz generates mysticism. A crystalline meditative tone of purifying lightness and quiet. Color that talks about an optimistic futurism, elevation and modernity. Lying between pink and blue, Dreamland is mediating and empathetic.


Beige tone that connects with a past of stones and minerals as a matter that becomes a testimony to quiet feats and expressive fossils, but which also projects us towards a serene future.


Dress to get attention. Sophisticated plumages, paradisiacal flowers that conquer the eye. Clearly energetic and positive, but softened by wear of light. A blunt orange of fair tonality, which is expressed with a bold and at the same time cultured freshness.


Yellow advances calmly with little hurry up the color ranking to stand out. Overcoming the solar and vital tones, this season’s yellows show their more diluted, healthy and fruity side, like pear pulp or chamomile infusion.

Forecast Courtesy: Pantone

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